Welcome to the E-Bike Private Lease website!

On this page you will find more information about leasing an e-bike! ASML arranged a E-Bike Private Lease with a 15% discount, just for you!

How does E-bike Private Lease work?

It’s a full operational lease based on a 36 months contract*. This full operational lease contains the following components:

  • Interest and depreciation
  • Repairs and Maintenance
  • Tires
  • Theft and Casco insurance
  • OWN risk
  • 24/7 breakdown service
  • Legal aid insurance
  • Passenger Accident Insurance


If you scroll down this page you will find a couple of (high speed) e-bikes, just to get a good picture of the costs of leasing a (high speed) e-bike!

Visit one of the E-bike Supplier shops from John Vermeulen www.johnvermeuleneindhoven.nl in Eindhoven region and testdrive your (high speed) e-bike. Pick your favorite (high speed) e-bike with 15% discount (show the e-bike supplier your ASML badge). The e-bike supplier can make a lease offer in his own shop! If you agree to the lease offer, the e-bike supplier needs the following information:

  • Name and surname
  • Street and address and house number
  • Postal code and place
  • Telephone number
  • E-mail address
  • Date of birth
  • Bank account number

The e-bike supplier will send this information to Leasefiets. Leasefiets will send this information to EDR Creditservices. You will receive a link from EDR Creditservices and you can upload your paycheck and copy of your passport. If the credit check is positive, Leasefiets will make your lease contract and send it by e-mail, once you signed the leasecontract a legal 14 days ‘reconsider term’ will be actived.

After this ‘reconsider term’ the e-bike will be ordered by us at John Vermeulen. The e-bike supplier will contact you about the delivery of the e-bike. Hand in your lease contract at ASML and explore your benefit! Check the ASML intranet site for all the conditions.

* Pricing of all the (high speed) e-bikes on this page are based on a 36 months lease contract. Please contact Leasefiets for a 24 months lease offer.

Terms and Conditions Privé Lease Insurance

Lease contract  Lease-pricing FAQ

If you have any questions please see the FAQ form on this page or the terms and conditions E-bike Private Lease. If your question isn’t answered you can contact us by clicking the ‘contact’ button



* Pricing of all the (high speed) e-bikes on this page is excluding the ASML fiscal exchange program.

Selection of "High speed" E-bikes with discount from John Vermeulen

Gazelle Orange C8 HMB 400wh – 2020

from € 104,-
for € 92,-
your price (36 months) € 92,00 per month
koga e inspire

Koga E-Inspire 400wh

from € 115,-
for € 101,-
your price (36 months) € 101,00 per month

Koga E-Nova 400wh

from € 110,-
for € 96,-
your price (36 months) € 96,00 per month

Trek District+ 9 LowStep

from € 150,-
for € 130,-
your price (36 months) € 130,00 per month

Riese & Muller Charger Vario 2019

from € 147,-
for € 127,-
your price (36 months) € 127,00 per month

Riese & Müller NEVO GT Vario HS – beltdrive

HI-Speed E-bike
from € 215,-
for € 194,-
your price (36 months) € 194,00 per month

Trek Allant+ 9s

HI-Speed E-bike
from € 222,-
for € 198,-
your price (36 months) € 198,00 per month

Stromer ST1X 2019

HI-Speed E-bike
from € 223,-
for € 200,-
your price (36 months) € 200,00 per month

Stromer ST3 2019

HI-Speed E-bike
from € 274,-
for € 234,-
your price (36 months) € 234,00 per month

Gazelle Grenoble C8 HMB

from € 104,-
for € 92,-
your price (36 months) € 92,00 per month